Eskimo Pie Eskimo's Obscure Mountain Tour
22" x 30" colored pencil drawings featuring trademark mountains from other food products (series in progress)

To learn about these drawings, read the Eskimo Manifesto. Click on images to see them BIG.

Eskimo Pie Eskimo Hitches a Ride (Cascadian Farms)
Eskimo Pie Eskimo Rides a Gondola (Alpen Muesli)
Eskimo Pie Eskimo Waves from a Bridge (Poland Springs Water)
eskimos4 eskimo5

Eskimo Pie Eskimo Meets his First Girlfriend
in the Pseudo-Swiss Alps
(Swiss Miss/Pepperidge Farm)

Eskimo Pie Eskimo Fly Fishes on the Truckee River
(Sierra Nevada Pale Ale)

Eskimo Pie Eskimo and Pop N' Fresh Toast their Friendship at Log Cabin (Log Cabin Syrup)
Eskimo Pie Eskimos Learn How to Milk a Cow
(Milka Chocolate)
Before (Eskimo Pie Eskimo's Sex Change)
After (Eskimo Pie Eskimo's Sex Change)