C(Complete press listing on cv)
   2014 opblogo OPB Radio "State of Wonder" Group interview for Non Finito at
Laura Russo gallery: "No Artist Worth Their Salt is Ever Finished"
  2012 cb2 CB2 Catalog Surprise! A new product line...not mine.
    homeby Home by Novogratz Featured artwork
navbar 2011 novoratz Home by Novogratz, HGTV show, featured artwork
2010 texts Artforms, eds. 8-10, by Patrick Frank, and Business Essentials,
by Ebert/Griffin. Featured artwork.
  nyfam New York Family Magazine (Nov.) "When Hip Meets Home"
  2009 Artistaday.com (July 4)
Featured artist.
    boingboing Boing Boing(July 24)
    New Yorker (June 29)
Listing, "Adult Education" presentation
    New York Times Home & Garden (May 7)
Feature article and photos, "Branding the Family."
See the slide show here.
    Flavorwire (May 22)
Feature article and photos, "Sixx Plus Baby Make Seven: The Wonderful World of a Design Family" feature by Kelsey Keith
  2008 New Yorker (Jan. 21)
Listing, "Adult Education" lecture on Native American trademarks
featured in product packaging
  2007 newyorkarts New York Arts magazine (Sept-October)
"Bionic Pop Vison," Q&A interview by Leah Oates
  2006 www.portlandmercury.com (Sept. 10)
Photo, review of work in "Illegal Art" at Feldman Gallery at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR by John Motley
    www.portlandart.net (August 29)
"Mixed Signals in Nature Valley" review in "Illegal Art" by Jeff Jahn
Boston Globe (Sept. 16)
"Bit Logic" group show at G.A.S.P., review by Cate McQuaid

Flash Art (June/July)
"Open House: Working in Brooklyn" review,
Charles G. Beyer


Playboy (Nov.), "Illegal Art" illustration and Forum feature article

bbs.thing.net (Oct. 13), "Crude" review, Brian Boucher
The Chicago Tribune (Feb. 3),"Sampling Culture Leads to A Clash," "Illegal Art" review, Nina Metz
salon.com (Jul. 17), "Barbie, Starbucks and Freedom,"
"Illegal Art" review, Farhad Manjoo

ABC 7 TV San Francisco (Jul. 8),"Illegal Art" news feature
(WARNING: large download size: 5 mb)

wirednews.com (Jul. 7), "Artists Just Wanna Be Free,"
"Illegal Art" review, Danit Lidor
The New York Times (Mar. 7), "Critical Consumption" review,
Holland Cotter
The Oregonian (Jan. 16), "Missed Messages,"
"Big Business" review, D.K. Row
The Oregonian (Mar. 21), “No Purchase Necessary” review,
D.K. Row
The Portland Mercury (Mar. 14), “No Purchase Necessary” review, Karrin Ellertson
Art in America (Mar.), “Branded” review, Carol Kino
ABC News 20/20 "Hype" with John Stossel (Dec.22)
Adbusters (Oct. - Nov.), "Are You Losing the Battle of the Mind?" American Alphabet feature article

The Oregonian (July 1), “Branded” review, D.K. Row

Advertising Age (June 19), "Do You Know Your ABC's?"
American Alphabet
feature article